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 Today, I can't help but cry while writing this personal anecdote for today.

We just sent my sister to the hospital this day. My father came first last Monday. 

We are in the middle of a pandemic and sadly, we became part of the unfortunate few who made it to the dreaded slots - - the current list of those who incurred the fatal COVID-19 disease.

Personally, I am yet to prove whether I became positive with this ailment or not. I am monitoring myself to see if I will have an on and off fever in the coming days. 

I have experienced shortness of breath today due to fatigue. We had to clean the rooms and our home after sending off our loved ones to the hospital. This is to ensure we avoid leaving traces of the virus at home.

Now more than ever, I can understand what families who have gone through the turmoil have experienced. Those infected are not only attacked physically, they also go through mental, spiritual and emotional decline.

There came  a point when my sister asked my why the supplements we bought did not work. I told her there was an exemption since we are obese and this drops our immunity by 40%.

What saddens me the most is seeing my father's health decline after going through a series of sicknesses for more than a week. He will have on and off high fevers, muscle pain, weakness, difficulty in walking and standing and coughing loudly with wheezes everytime. It came to a point when his voice became hoarse and he could not complete a sentence without coughing in between. He was finding it hard to breathe. 

Sometimes, I wanted to point a finger on who is to blame for this situation. But, I have decided to come from a loving heart. What matters at this point is to show them how much you love them. This is a time game. 

I would rather choose to show my father how much I love him instead of putting the blame on whichever party. Every second is precious. 

Yesterday, I was not able to control myself from crying because I really wish to see him. I hate seeing my once strong papa come to a total decline because of this sickness. 

He is fighting. He was always a fighter. Even when I know he is really struggling to breathe and keep his mind open because we want him to stay on. 

Honestly, I have no idea how long will this battle last. But, I remain hopeful in the fact that both my family members will be able to join us soon. 

My sister is doing well. Also, we are fighting to purchase the medicines my father needs for his total recovery.

I believe that God has a reason for sending us into this situation. I have realized how much we truly love and care for each other. Despite all our arguments and petty fights, we remain as one family standing on each other's backs ready to serve anytime any of us needed that help.

In God I trust.

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