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Silent Cushion

Silent cushion, be my salve today.
Enchanting melody, lull me to sleep, I pray.
Lost in a universe forbidding time or pain,
So then, I shall close my eyes and lay.

Numb and free of life's bitter blows,
The world looks upon me through a window.
Yet today, silent cushion, encased in your protection,
I shall hear no more of life's cruel jest and vexation.

Lost in deep slumber, then I remember,
That familiar face. For then, I find cause for joy.
Smiling at me, my angel, my comforter,
Holds me forever, in an embrace never to be broken.

(Just another literary emo moment. I wrote this poem some time between May and June 2009. I don't know what's gotten into me for me to imagine myself lying on a mattress inside a coffin. =) Maybe, I just wasn't able to cope up with his loss.

I admit that eventhough it's been a year and seven months since he had gone, I have not completely moved on yet. It's really hard to be bereaved. Though our correspondence may be noted as rather short, to me, it all ready served as a lifetime.

But, I have no other choice. To choose living is to choose suffering each day with the thought of him. However, there won't be tears falling from eyes anymore. It's better to mourn in silence.

My fingers have been itching to write. Yet, I must study for my subjects and do my projects. Buti nga nakanakaw ako ng kaunting panahon ngayon. Lumabas na naman ang naturalesang pagka-literary emo ko.)

Hinahanap-hanap ko rin ang pagsusulat. Panaka-naka pa rin naman akong gumagawa pero, sa journal ko na lang. hinahanap ko rin ang mga araw na nakatatanggap ako ng feedback tungkol sa mga gawa ko. Maybe, I should start contributing to other sites.

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