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Mata Hari

Lovely enchantress, dance with me tonight,
with the moon and stars watching thy graceful flight.
Oh, mystical seductress, men swoon for thine eyes,
longing to own you even for just one night...
Listen, they promise eternal treasures
to imprison you in their arms.
Yet a stealthy glow was found in those mystic eyes.
Should you deceive or be of true-heart to him?
Their hearts become captives of your charms.

And the silence was broken,

The melody stopped all of a sudden...
Your feet entangled to the chains of fire!
They found you guilty of a heinous crime!
An innocent perpetrator held in a shameful trial,
A traitor to your country, a despicable spy!
You were destined to face such a fatal line,
Bullets cut through your skin, and your flesh stained with blood,
As the passion of men in guns put an end to your distress,

Lovely enchantress, as you breathe your last,

Now you are one with the stars...


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On Raphaelle's Wings

RAPHAEL is one of the seven guardian angels who protect mankind and follow God's plans.

While some people believe that he was the angel meant to give luck to cockfighters and betters, Raphael was actually there to guide and heal the brokenhearted.

Thus, Raphael meant "God heals."

This is my corner amongst the sea of many identities and characters.

This blog contains the many thoughts, questions and ponderings that my mind held for so long.

So, sit back, relax and prepare to take a flight.

Let Raphaelle's (my female persona) wings take you on a journey beyond compare, to a faraway land you sought to conquer, touch, see and hold.

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