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January 26 was a very memorable day for me. My teacher in Communications 2 gave as an examination that we should answer in one hour. Here is the question:

Using the U.S. standard for digital transmission, follow the encoding and decoding stages of the signal defined as V(t)=100sin *(omega)ct + 8 sin 3*(omega)ct with the frequency of 30 MHz, using the minimum Nyquist sampling rate Fs-(19/Fs) with step size of ADC or DAC given as 2.4 *(micro)V

(O 'yung mga ECE d'yan pati mga hindi ko kapwa ECE, sabay-sabay tayong dumugo ang ilong!☻)

I looked closely at the white board wondering if my eyes were fooling me or not. Holy Guacamole! What does he mean? It took me some minutes before I completely deciphered what he was asking us.

I tossed and turned on my seat and creased my forehead deeply trying to figure out a way of solving the problem. But the question was, what are we supposed to look for anyway???

Then suddenly, a brilliant idea came into my mind!

This is digital transmission and ideally, we should be converting a signal already in the digital form. However, we were given an analog signal. Therefore, we were left clueless on how to start answering the problem!

And since I can no longer think of a wonderful idea, I decided on commenting about the exam. Read the following lines carefully:

"Wala naman pong U.S. standard, eh. U.S.-Japan po at 'yun ay ang A-law." (Ok, so I admit that I was wrong about that! It should have been *(mu)-Law! Stupid me! And I had the guts to comment about it! (*_*))

I also added, "Sir, hindi 'to pwedeng i-transmit! Digital transmission nga, 'di ba? Bakit po analog signal ang ibinigay n'yo??? (-_-)**

Well, to be honest, I didn't mean to sound rude at that time. Like a curious child, I just wanted to know some things. But since my teacher doesn't know me well, I think he misunderstood my point why I wrote about the said observations.

The next day, January 27, I spotted him in front of the EE/ECE department together with my previous teacher last semester.

He told me he read my comment and tried to clarify some issues. Well, I just laughed it off thinking that it was ok for him. He was even smiling at that time. Naive me never thought that he was somehow irritated with me because I never really had any bad intention about my doing.

It was last Wednesday of January 28 that I received my test paper. He placed a comment there saying,

"Ineng, ganito kasi 'yan! Pumasok ka on-time para alam ang gagawin1 Simple lang 'yan, hindi mo lang naisip! Ok."
Love lots,
Bernie =)

He even told the class about my doing. Anyway, he also explained the solution to the said examination. It seemed quite simple but if you are not the bookish type, you may have difficulty understanding some of the terms which he mentioned during the discussion.

I thought that was the end of it. I was laughing inside the classroom because of my dirty little deed. But, to reiterate what I have said, I never really had any evil motive in mind regarding my doing. I just wanted to clarify some things because I was puzzled.

It was when I went to our office in Casal that I learned he was quite frustrated in me. He said that if you are a Voice staffer, then just continue being a Voice staffer.

Well, maybe I was being negligent with my studies. But TIP Voice is not the ONLY reason for my negligence. It was better if he said that I was not studying because I lost interest in it. But mentioning Voice in the middle of a situation you hardly know?? My God! Why do people keep blaming Voice for my shortcomings???

I am so fed up with people, including my parents and colleagues who keep telling me I should leave the ONLY THING THAT GIVES MEANING TO MY EXISTENCE BECAUSE IT IS USELESS TO PURSUE IT. Why can't they just let me be? Don't they really want to see me happy?

--Jesus, I completely put my faith in you. (I.N.J.)

*Sorry, I do not know how to put special characters in my blog so I opted to write the Greek name instead.


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