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A soft breeze blows through the trees,
As they silently witness my flowing tears.
When all of a sudden, tiny creatures with wings,
Caught my eyes as they move in such magical gleam.

I heard Mama's voice softly calling my name,
Such gentleness slowly healing this immense pain.
"Child, listen. Fireflies are the closest resemblance to the stars,
Hold them closely and they'll give such glow and warmth.
For spirits, like stars, watch over us every night,
Seeing them needed not the eyes but the heart."

I felt the cool touch of the wind on my skin caressing light,
Mother, is that you hugging me tight?

--Children are the best inspiration I have for making literary works. Nagkataon lang na isang araw, habang nagmumuni-muni, naramdaman ko ang hinagpis ng isang batang nawalan ng ina. At naidugtong ko ito sa isang senaryo kung saan nasa isang malawak na parang ang bata isang gabi at nanunuod ng mga alitaptap.

Matagal ko ng gustong makakita ng mga alitaptap. Sana, makakita rin ako nun... Kahit minsan lang. =)


It's very rare na makakakita ka ng fireflies sa Metro. My best bet would be Marikina, but that is still a long shot.

There was one time at the province, years and years ago, that my cousins and I saw this small guava tree filled with fireflies. The tree was glowing like a naturally lit christmas tree. My cousins told me that the place was a haven for encantos.

Salamat sa Pagdalaw... Try REading the other entries in My place..

One of which also touched the thought about firefly..

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Thanks for visiting me again! hehe

You'll get to see those fireflies, one of these days. Here's to hoping! :-)

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